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I’ve never been a huge fan of hand creams, I don’t particularly like the feeling of it on your hands and I often find with a lot of them, they leave you feeling quite greasy. Well, I have found a hand cream that I actually love. One that I have been recommended by so many people and one that I am beyond obsessed with. 

I first heard about this from +Estée Lalonde in one of her videos but I must admit, I didn’t really attention. For me, hand creams have never been a must have.
But recently, I have been finding my hands have been getting so incredibly dry and I started making it known to the people around me, in the hope to get some recommendations. 
Then while I was at work one day, a colleague mentioned this as well and said it was a really great formula that didn’t leave you feeling all greasy. 
There’s nothing worse than when you put on hand cream and feel like you can’t touch anything for about an hour. 
The Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment really is the best hand cream I have ever found. It smells so unique. Sometimes it smells quite florally and then other times it doesn’t, It’s an unusual one. It’s really well absorbing so immediately it’s absorbed into your skin and you’re good to go. And as I have mentioned, the biggest thing is IT’S NOT GREASY!
Yes, £21 ain’t cheap, but let me tell you, it is so worth it. 
This is definitely a luxury product but it’s been a bit of a last resort for me. 
However that £21 has sorted me right out. 
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