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I’m all about mixing up the blog posts recently, what is wrong with me?! My inner OCD is going crazy! 
But today, I thought I would stick to the Foody Friday theme, but just mix things up. 
Today, I’m going to be talking you through a few of my favourite breakfast options. 
To kick things off, I thought I would start with savoury. Yes, there are both sweet and savoury breakfast options. 
Avvo On Toast
Avocado on toast has been a firm favourite of mine for a while. Recently I have been mixing it up and added a fried egg to it. If you didn’t think avvo on toast could get any better, it just did. The addition of an egg is definitely one to stick around. 
The Traditional Fry Up 

Not one to have all the time, let’s be honest, it’s not kind on the calories. But the traditional fry up is definitely a treat I enjoy every so often. It’s such a weekend breakfast for me and one that has such meaning. It’s weird to say a breakfast has meaning, but fry ups hold so many memories for me. I just love them. 
Sweet breakfast options = win win 
Let’s move to the even more naughty options. I have just realised that all these breakfast options aren’t the most healthy of choices. But hey, they’re all weekend friendly options. 
Not one that I’ve always loved, but one that I have recently grown very fond of. Bagels are one of those things that I have always overlooked, until a couple of weeks ago where I noticed some in the cupboard and gave one ago. Such a quick and simple breakfast option. It’s so so good! Pop a bit of maple syrup on there and you’re good to go. 
Definitely not one to eat all the time but for those days when you’re feeling something super sweet, try this toaster waffles. 2 minutes in the toaster, a bit of butter and that’s that. Again, super quick and super easy… just super unhealthy. 
All of these breakfast options and every breakfast option for that matter, are made even better with a cup of tea. 
God my love for food is ridiculous. Most of my camera roll is food pictures. 
All this food talk is making me hungry. 
*closes laptop, raids cupboards* 
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