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So I’m playing around with the layout of the blog post today. But today, I thought I would talk you through a few tips I use while travelling. I have done a blog post about planning a trip, but never one dedicated to making life easier while you’re away. 
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Essentials: I am absolutely guilty of overpacking, but there are a few ways that you can avoid completely going overboard and taking everything including the kitchen sink. Essentials. I truly believe that when I go away, although my overpacking habit sometimes takes over, I know in the back of mind the essentials that I need to take. Getting a list of essentials is really going to benefit you while you’re gone. 
The last thing you want while you’re away, in a foreign country is to be carrying around endless objects that you really don’t need. 
A few of those essentials include
– Sunglasses
-iPhone cable
-Card Holder
– Passport (obvs) 
Pick A Good Bag: It is so important to pick a good bag while travelling. Obviously you have your main suitcase, but then you need a bag for your hand luggage and/or while you’re there. I tend to double up my hand luggage bag as the one I will use day in day out on the trip. But picking that bag is so important!
What to look for
– Pockets. Trust me, they’ll become your best friend.
– Zips. Gotta get that security
– Durable. You’ll need something that’s made of a strong material. 
Neutral. You need something that’s going to match every outfit. 
Size. Not too big, not too small. 
Beauty: Use your trip as an excuse to relax when it comes to your beauty routines. I will ALWAYS take a cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm and deodorant. Other than that, all the add-on’s and extras you could do without. You’re away on holiday, you don’t need to be worrying about your hair or face masks. Use it as a week off from beauty. 
Stay safe: Last but by no means least. Just stay safe. Don’t be going out at night too often, make sure you lock things away, use those pockets on that bag and stay vigilant. You don’t always know where you are or where you’re going, just make sure you’re not in some dodgy area or being followed by anyone. 
TOP TIP: Spread your money!! If you’re taking cash, don’t keep it all in the same place! Make sure it’s spread between pockets and bags so if one thing gets stolen, that’s not all your money gone! 
Quite a random blog post considering I have no trips planned *Sad face*, however it’s one that I think will come in handy for many people. 
Time to go and endlessly scroll travel agent websites to gets some inspiration for my next trip. 
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