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Day 4 and we’re about half way through our trip. 
We decided to take another ride up to the top of the mountain this morning. The views up there were far to incredible to just see once. This time we all went up together but Dad and my Brother left immediately to ski down, whereas I stayed to take some more pictures and get some more footage. 
I then went and met them down at the bottom of the mountain in our favourite cafe. I’ve talked about it a lot this week, but there is just something about the coffee in The Alps that is just so irresistible. I don’t know whether it’s because we were so thirsty or whether the coffee is actually better, but my god, it tasted amazing. 
 By this point we had built up a little routine of a morning ski, then coffee break, then midday ski, then lunch and then an afternoon ski. My god, these days were exhausting. But equally, these days were incredibly fun.
Today saw the day that I built up the confidence to move onto a different slope. I know, i know, hold the phone everyone, I’ve moved onto bigger and better things!
I decided that I needed to start pushing myself. So I moved to a steeper, bigger and faster slope where I would put all my practise to the test. On this slope, you had to get a button lift all the way to the top. Now those button lifts bloody killed my legs. So to distract myself, I would sing a song. Actually, out loud sing a song to distract from the ache in my legs! Yes, I know, I’m a pretty big deal. 
But moving to the bigger slope and actually being able to do it, really built my confidence. I started to believe that I could actually do it and that I could actually ski, without looking like a complete novice. I started to overtake people, I was getting more confident with this new found speed and I was actually needing to concentrate a lot less on the skiing and could actually take time to enjoy the surroundings. 
Again, another great day on the slope and another day of building that confidence. At this point, I would like to point out that over the course of this entire week, I fell over once. Just once people! And that was on the first day when I came down what felt like Kilimanjaro. 
So yeah, pretty proud of myself. 
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