Sentiments From The Slopes: The Mont Blanc Trip | Travel By Harrison

Staying right at the bottom of Mont Blanc, It would be rude not to pay it a little visit. 
Today we decided that we would take the 10 minute gondola ride up to the very top of the mountain to experience The Alps for all they’re worth. Getting to the top it opens up to this vast scenery where everything is white, the mountains are huge and Mont Blanc is staring you right in the face. 
Mont Blonc translates to White Mountain. It’s the highest mountain in The Alps and the second highest in Europe. The only cloud to be seen this entire week was the little that sat on top of the mountain itself. 
Obviously, taking this opportunity to have a little photoshoot. Not the most flattering picture of me, with about 100 layers on, a hat that makes my face look even more round and for some reason I’ve lost a glove. 
But hey, it’s not all about that, I was having such a good time on the top of this mountain. I’ve seen some places in my life, but when you stop and think about it, not much can compare to the vast surroundings of The Alps. It’s such a huge, harsh landscape that looks so incredibly pretty, but is so incredible dangerous. 
We sat up on top of the mountain for a while, drinking coffee, putting the world to rights, before I took the gondola down. Dad and my Brother decided to ski down, but after day 1, you wouldn’t catch me dead skiing down from this height. 
The cool thing about taking the gondola back down, is you get one to yourself… maybe i’m not the cool one, taking the gondola back down… 
But hey, I enjoyed my little gondola ride back to the resort. We then grabbed lunch and I then took things to the next level and went on a bigger slope. Ooooohhhh! 
That will have to wait until tomorrow. Same time, back here and I’ll chat about how my confidence built so much that I moved to a different slope! Say what?!
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