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I’m calling today’s post, The Confidence Builder because that’s exactly what it was. Today, I stuck to the slopes I knew I could do, I practised my turns, my stops and getting myself out of that bloody ‘snow plow’ position. Today was a good day. 
Again, we woke up to the perfect weather, it had snowed the night before and now in the morning, we had fresh, soft snow with amazing sunshine. 
To begin the day, Dad and I spent time on this quiet slope, near our apartment and away from the crowds. It was like having private ski lessons. Going through the motions of how to turn and stop properly, then we began gaining speed and learning how to stop at speed etc. Luckily for me and not to blow my own trumpet, I’m a quick learner. 
So once I grasped the idea, away I went. 
I didn’t want to hold Dad back. Dad has been skiing for years, he’s really good at it and obviously hanging around some little, learner style slope would be quite boring for him. I mean look, I’ve just spotted in the background of the above picture, it even says XS. Now I don’t think that means Extra Small slope however, but it does say something about the level of slope I was on at this point. 
The day before had really knocked my confidence. I don’t know if I was slightly naive coming on this trip and thinking I would just pick it all back up, but I was definitely in for a shock. After  trying to get myself down some bloody mountain the day before, It was a real breath of fresh air (literally) to be on a slope that I knew I could master and one that was more on my level. 

Spending the rest of the morning and early afternoon by myself, It really gave me time to focus on what I was doing, get used to the skis and the turns and build up my confidence again. I never thought I would enjoy skiing alone, but actually, I had the time of my life swooshing down the slopes and getting the practice I needed. 
After that day on the slopes, we then sat down to dinner in some fancy restaurant where they served Foie Gras with Creme Brûlée and Pepper Ice Cream. Yeah, that restaurant was all too fancy for me. 
We then got back to our apartment, pyjamas on and sat down to watch some TV. 
A good day all round and 100% better than yesterday.
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