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Welcome back to Fitness Friday, your weekly dose of my fitness updates!
I’ll tell you what, I have actually really enjoyed this whole running thing. I’m not big on ‘moving a lot’, but having a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier food and just treating my body better is something I am really enjoying. It’s the little changes that are making the biggest differences. 
This week I have been on 3 runs, yes, 3! At the start of this whole running thing and with the guide of the ‘Map My Run’ app, my aim was to, each run, beat the last one. Soon, I figured that was going to be a lot harder than expected. Some days I have more energy than others, some days I run harder than others and some days, I’m still aching from the days before. So Instead of having a focus on how far I’m running, I have been taking a more even approach. If I don’t run as far, I like to make sure I can do it in a shorter time. Equally, If I am running further, I like to make sure that I am running for a longer period of time and cutting down on the time I am breaking for a walk. 
As you can see, none of my times are the same. But equally I have been really impressed with the distances I have been running and how many calories I have been burning. Like I said, It’s the small changes that are making the biggest differences. Just getting out and about and doing a bit of exercise is making me feel a hell of a lot better. I feel I have more energy, I feel like I’m actually looking forward to going for a run and getting out in the evenings and the more I’m looking after my body, the less I am craving the ‘naughty food’s. Don’t get me wrong, I could still quite easily sit there and smash out a bag of Onion Rings, but that craving is occurring less and less. Before, it was more of a daily occurrence, now I’ve gone down to monthly… see, it’s the little things. 
I’ve been making some real positive changes and I am starting to see some real changes. And as you’re reading this post, I will be gliding (or potentially falling) down Mont Blanc. My family and I have gone away skiing for a week. So even though I’ll be on holiday, I’ll still be losing some weight (hopefully). 
Don’t worry, there will of course be Blog Posts and potentially several Vlogs about the entire trip! 
That’s my update for Fitness Friday and I look forward to writing my next post to see if I’ve made anymore progress. But for now, I must start packing for my trip… majorly procrastinating right now, packing for holidays is just a bit of a ball ache. 
Thanks for reading! 
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