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Remember in a previous post I did the whole, New Year, New Me thing? Well, I’m firmly sticking to that and I’ve begun to eat breakfast. Before, I would never really eat breakfast. I would always prefer to spend the extra time in bed, endlessly scrolling through social media. I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day… blah blah blah. 
Well, since I have started running and this whole healthy lifestyle thing, I have started to eat breakfast. Not only that, but I have been doing my own version of the overnight oats. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the craze that is ‘overnight oats’, let me fill you in. Basically, all you do is soak oats overnight. Yeah, it’s as simple as that. 
I have combined a recipe from both Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit and have come up with my own version.
You’re going to need: 
Rolled Oats
Maple Syrup
Fruit of your choice 
Bare in mind, with this recipe I have made enough to last me the entire week. 
So add around 4-5 cups of oats into a bowl. The measurements are very my dependant on how much you want to make and how long you want it to last. 
Then add the fruit of your choice. I have used Apple and Sultana’s.  
Then add the Maple Syrup and Cinnamon. 
When it comes to adding the milk, this again is dependant on the consistency that you like. So for my batch, I added the 4 cups of oats and then 3 cups of milk. This means the oats are slightly swimming in milk. 
Normal overnight oats are meant to soak up all the liquid, but because I wanted this to last me the whole week, I thought I would keep it fresh by adding a little more liquid. 
Then add in the yogurt and mix it all together.
Put that in the fridge and then you’re good to go. Wack it out in the mornings, put it into a smaller bowl and enjoy. With this recipe you can eat it both hot or cold but again, with normal overnight oats, you’re meant to eat them cold. 
This is such a quick and easy recipe for a really simple breakfast. It tastes great, it’s so simple to make and it really does fill you up. I’ve been finding that come lunch time, I’m still full up. 
For those of you who are wanting to start a healthier lifestyle of just simply want something different to try for breakfast, I would highly recommend these!
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