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Dear god help me, I have found a new obsession. All the bloggers and vloggers are forever going on about Oliver Bonus. I asked myself “How good can it be?” Well let me tell you, it’s really, bloody good! 
I have a space in my room, on top of a chest of draws that I don’t really use for anything. It’s always remained empty and I’ve been thinking recently about doing something to it. So I thought I would hit the web to see what I could find. 
I came across Oliver Bonus and out came the Credit Card… I was hooked from the word ‘SALE’.

My main reason for shopping around and finding something to put on this surface is because it’s where I take my blog pictures. So I thought I could get a few bits to feature in the backdrop of blog posts.
I saw this little trinkets tray and though that would be perfect. It’s got a great pattern, Its bright, it’s white and it would look great as a backdrop for pictures. Currently I’m using it to put my rings on while I’m in the shower. 
I managed to pick this up for a bargain £8 in the sale. 
Here’s the link >>>> CLICK ME

I then saw these cool little picture holders. Again, I thought these would look great in the backdrop of blog photo’s, but equally would look really nice with a few polaroid pictures in them. As you’re reading this I will be in The Alps, gliding down the mountain on a pair of ski’s. I will most likely take some pictures on my polaroid that I will be popping in here. 
I picked these up, again in the sale for just £4 each but after my first order, Oliver Bonus sent me a £5 off voucher so I put that towards it too! 
Here’s the link >>>> CLICK ME 
And then last but not least, this gold letter. I recently went to Brighton with my friend Emma where I visited Oliver Bonus and saw this. I was so undecided whether to get it or not but because I had already been on a bit of a spending spree, I decided not to. When I then saw this on the website of OB, I couldn’t resist. I think these are so cool and a really nice way of making a boring space, look interesting. 
Again, I managed to get this one at a bargain price for just £10!
Here’s the link >>>> CLICK ME
I can’t wait to start using these in blog pictures and start filling up my little photo holders. I’m so pleased with the way this little space has been totally transformed! 
Now please, someone take my Credit Card off me, Oliver Bonus is bankruptcy waiting to happen!
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