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Never in a million years did I think I would title a blog post ‘Fitness By Harrison’. The words ‘Fitness’ and ‘Harrison’ just do not belong in the same sentence. 
For the time being, I have decided to switch up ‘Foody Friday’ with ‘Fitness Friday’, bringing you an update on my training, how the running is coming along and not leaving the food behind, I’ll give you a glimpse of what healthy things I have eaten that week. 
At the end of December, a work colleague who has become a really close friend, approached me and asked if I wanted to do a 10K run with her. I laughed. A lot. 
Upon reflection and looking in the mirror to see how much weight I had put on, I reconsidered and took her up on that offer.
The 10K run is in March, so objective number one: Have a time frame. Completed.
The fact that I can have something to work towards and something tangible to measure my progress is great. 
Now I’m not claiming to be some kind of athlete, I’m far from it. But I thought why not turn this 10K run into a series on the Blog. A way of me being able to show you, that me, an overweight, normal 22 year old can literally go from Couch to 10K in the space of 3 months. (Hopefully)
I will be using the app, ‘Map My Run’ and no, I’m not sponsored by this app (Although I wish I was, I’d make a killing). This app tells you how long you have run for, how far you have run and how many calories you have burnt (If you set it up right). You can set yourself goals, analyse your exercise and keep a track of how you’re getting on. It’s such a genius idea.
For our first run, as you can see we went 4.37KM in 45 mins. This was a mix of running and walking, pacing ourselves as we go.
For the second run we did, we tried to pick up the pace a little and run a little further. As you can see in just an extra 2 minutes, we managed to run a little over 1K. That’s what it’s all about, slightly improving each time you go out. Trust me, using this app to record it all and see your progression is enough motivation to get you round a 10K in about 10 minutes. 
But for now, that’s my first update. Time to do some research on healthy recipes and kick this but into shape! 
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