The Great Clear-Out | By Harrison

Wow, we’re here. 2017! I hope you all had a great New Years and got that traditional kiss. 
But new year comes new beginnings and in my life, new wardrobes. What perfect time to have a clear out than the new year. I am completely obsessed with clothes and have far too many, but having so many clothes means you have to be more organised with them all. 
So today, I thought I would talk you through how I clear out my wardrobe and organise it all. 
To begin with, I just need to get it all out. Empty the entire wardrobe so I can clearly see everything that I have. 
I also have this storage box from IKEA under my bed. I use this to rotate my wardrobes from summer to winter. So once my wardrobe is completely empty, I’ll also empty the storage and then put all my summer clothes into the storage unit and put that away under my bed. 
Once the storage unit is emptied and filled back up again, the winter clothes that I have emptied from it, I sort through. Anything I didn’t wear las season is gone. Anything that is still in my wardrobe that I “umm & ahh” about is again gone. And anything that isn’t really on trend anymore, is gone. 
I find it best to just be completely ruthless. Especially with the amount that I shop, I need to constantly be making room for new things. 
It’s amazing how many clothes I find that I just haven’t worn in years. Not only is it clothes to get rid of, it’s all the shoes that I have as well. It’s so therapeutic to get rid of it all. 
Now when I say ‘get rid of it’, you’ll notice that all of the clothes and shoes are in charity bags. It’s so important to give your old shoes or clothes away to family members that possibly want it or if not, give it all away to charity shops. There are so many around and they will all be so pleased to take any donations. It all helps. 
Trust me, once you get it done, you’ll be so relieved. 
I can’t wait to go out fill the gaps with more clothes! 
| Harrison | 


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