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And there it goes, another year. I truly cannot believe how quick this year has gone, how much has happened and how many things have changed. All those celebrities dying at the start of the year, Brexit, Donald Trump… In the world of showbiz and politics, it’s been quite a rough year. For me, It’s been a little bittersweet, there have seem some really amazing moments and some equally tough moments, but overall a good year. So to keep things positive, to end the year on a high and to see us into the New Year, I am going to give you my 16 Highlights of 2016
(In no particular order
My Youtube Channel
2016 was the year that saw me start my very own Youtube channel. I have been watching Youtube for years now and have always been so intrigued by the whole concept of it. I always thought about starting it but never really had the confidence to. It wasn’t until my 22 birthday that Kate bought my a vlogging camera and history was made… My Youtube channel was born. It has been the most amazing experience, I have absolutely loved every second of it from thinking of what to film, actually filming it, the editing process and then the thrill of actually uploading it and publishing the video. The whole thing has really been incredible. 
My Blog
Another social media type highlight, but My Blog. Wow, what can I say about this little baby. 2016 really has been the year of my blog for me. I have absolutely loved every single second of it. For the entire year I have been posting 3 times a week, every single week. It really has been an incredible experience, bringing you content that I am genuinely proud of and actually would want to read myself. I have put my absolute heart and soul into creating this blog and perfecting every thing about it and I really can’t wait to see what 2017 brings… Watch this space! 
Turkey With Kate 
This year was also the year that Kate and I went on our third holiday together. For the past 3 years, we have gone away each year and this year was by far the best. We booked to go to Turkey in a Sensatori resort in Fethiye. We had a swim up room, the most incredible hotel and even better weather. It was very close to the best holiday I have ever been on. 

Yes, I actually have a full time job away from blogging. Something I don’t really talk about much on here. But this year saw me move to another location for work. To a location where I started my career, to a location where I absolutely love everyone I work with and I am so much happier for it. It very much started off with a really bad year at work, but towards the end of the year and with the movement that’s happened, it has definitely been a highlight of the year and has quite possibly been what has saved my career. 

In 2010 when I first dyed my hair, I vouched to never colour it again.  6 years on and 2016 see’s the year that I really changed up the look. My hair stylist and I decided it was time for a change. I went for very subtle highlights to begin with, then onto a more ‘all over’ blonde, then this ‘ice white’ colour and once that faded and holidays came out, it was more of a bleach blonde all over. I absolutely loved my time of being blonde and really think it suited me. I have since cut all that blonde out and have gone back to natural colour for the winter. Who knows, I may do it again next year. 
The Year Of Yes

At the start of this year, I told myself that I would say yes to more things. In the past, I have been very quick to say no to something that would possibly see me outside of my comfort zone or to something that would make me feel uncomfortable. I have even been guilty of saying no to things because I simply can’t be bothered. This year I decided to turn that around and say ‘Yes’ to more things and In doing so, I have definitely seen and done much more. This is definitely something I am going to keep up for the future. You should try it!
I never thought I would be sitting here writing about a ‘boyfriend’, but hey, nobody expected Donald Trump to be president. Miracles do happen. This year has been a weird one for relationships but ultimately, It’s ended the year on a high. 2016 has seen my ‘fall in love’ for the first time with the amazing Andrew. I’m not going sit here and blow smoke up his arse because he reads my blog and I don’t want him getting a big head. But he know’s how I feel about him and regular readers of the blog will know too as I dedicated an entire blog post to him when he left to go back to New Zealand. He’s still there but we’re making progress with him coming back. 2016 has been the start of something special for us. Bring on 2017!! 

She felt jealous when Andrew got a blog post dedicated to him and she didn’t, so here you go Emma, here’s your shoutout. 
In all seriousness, this year has been a really good year for Emma and I. I feel like it’s been the year where we have gotten even closer than we already were. We see each other near enough every week, if not every other week. We’re going more things, spending more time together and have just bonded a whole lot more. Emma, you’re just as weird as I am, just as crazy as I am and just as sexually-minded as I am and for that, I love you! 
Brighton (with Emma) 
On that note of Emma, this year we both took a trip down to Brighton. Her first time and probably my third or fourth. Brighton is a place that I absolutely fell in love with, the moment I saw it. It is literally London with a beach. It’s such a creative and free town. Miles and miles of dramatic coastlines, ‘The Lane’s’, all the incredible places to eat and the really unusual shops. Brighton will always hold a special place in my heart and is somewhere I have seriously thought about moving to. The trip this year with Emma was definitely a highlight for me. As always, we laughed all day, were completely silly all day and had a good old gossip and fun day out. I can’t wait to go back!
Dad Got A Girlfriend
My parents have been divorced for 12 years now and my god it has gone bloody quick. For the majority of those 12 years, my Dad has been single. He has only ever introduced us to 1 person and that was many years ago. 2016 was the year that my Dad met Rachel. The person who I truly believe to be the love of his life. They really are such a great match, he is such a romantic and treats her so well and I really haven’t seen him this happy for a very long time. I’m so so happy for him and I’m so excited for the both of them to see what the future holds. See, it’s never to late for love. 

This year was the first in many that I have stepped back onto a pair of ski’s. In early 2017 I have a ski trip with my family to The Alps where I shall be staying in the most incredible 5 star hotel (OMG I’M SO EXCITED) and there will probably be a vlog and a hefty blog post about the whole thing. Anyway, I digress. This year I decided to get the practise in and right at the end of the year, Kate and I decided to take a couple of trips to two different ski slopes. Oh my god, I had the best time and It bought back so many memories of the first time I stepped onto a pair of ski’s. This was so much fun and something I never usually do. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. 
This year I have made a real conscious effort to surround myself with good people. To make more effort with the people that count and to cut out the people they don’t. What’s that saying? “I’d rather have a few real friends, than loads of fake ones”. And that is something I completely agree with. Over the years I have had too many fake people come in and out of my life that I have just decided to surround myself with those that I want in my life and completely trust. You’ll be amazing with how much of a difference It makes. 
Don’t you wish this was a real emoji?
A very random, yet practical highlight. But this year I have been working so hard to making and saving money. With the current climate as it is, It’s so important to have a healthy savings balance to fall back on and to have something to work towards. Ultimately I am saving to be able to buy my own home and start my way up the property ladder. This year I have really seen my savings grow and it is down to nothing but hard work. Don’t get me wrong, I completely indulge myself and waste so much money on clothes, beauty products and eating out, but I do all of that once I have put my money into savings. It’s all about budgeting, baby!  

I’m using this picture because I know none of these ladies read my blog. But this year I have began Badminton. I know, get your shit together people, I actually do exercise! 
As a way of doing some kind of sport, doing something different and managing to keep in contact with old work colleagues (as I have moved), we have all decided to take up badminton. It’s not been easy but equally it’s been so rewarding. Yes there are somedays that I can’t be bothered and yes there are some days we’ve skipped it and just gone out for dinner, but overall, it’s been a cracking time! 

Another random highlight, but Instagram though. This year, especially the latter part of the year, I have been completely obsessed with my Instagram page. For the past few months now I have really been putting an effort into my photography and making sure I upload picture onto Instagram every day. It’s been great to engage with people more, see the likes and followers grow and get appreciation for the work I have been doing. I look forward to uploading more. 
South Africa

Last but by absolute no means least, South Africa. Wow, it really did steal my heart. This was one big tick off my bucket list of life. I never thought in a million years I would get the opportunity to tick it off so soon in my life and oh my god, I am so glad I did. This really was the trip of a lifetime for me. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I had the absolute time of my life, I saw so many things I never thought I would see, I experienced so much and absolutely fell in love with the place. This was for sure my highlight of the year and I cannot wait to visit again. 
Well, what a year it’s been. Many highs and many lows. But I came out of it alive. 
Today marks the last day of 2016 and I hope you all had a wonderful year. I wish you all a happy New Year, I hope you get that New Years kiss and set those resolutions. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be a great one! 
I’ll see you all on the other side. 
| Harrison | 

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