What I Got For Christmas | By Harrison

Christmas is over so get ready to be bombarded with Bloggers and Vloggers ‘What I Got For Christmas’. I thought I would get in there early and to avoid bragging, just hit you with my highlights. 
So we’re going to start off with what we call ‘Tree Presents’. So the presents that are underneath the Christmas tree that are slightly more expensive than the others. 
So I got a Go Pro Chesty. As I have mentioned before, I am off skiing in January and I’m going to vlog the entire thing on my Go Pro. I wanted to get this Chesty so that I could have my Go Pro on me while skiing down the mountain… Or falling down the mountain, either or. 
I then got 2 of my favourite fragrances. I got the Gucci Made To Measure which I have had for years and just needed a top up. Then I got a new fragrance which I have been obsessed with for ages. The Yves Saint Laurent Homme Ultime. Yes this is bloody expensive stuff, but it literally smells expensive. I absolutely love anything YSL and am so lucky to be given this for Christmas. 
YAASSS!! I got an Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I finished my bottle of this about 2 weeks ago and had been holding out until Christmas to see if I would get given it. This is my all time favourite cleanser and feel whole again now that it’s back in my life. Slightly exaggerated there, but this stuff is good!
And finally, I got the Apple Smart Case for the iPhone 6S. This again is an extortionate amount of money for a phone case but any of you iPhone lovers out there will know that they really do not hold their charge. I am on my phone non stop. I use it to check and upload onto all my social media, I use it for emails, my schedule as a camera and then what a phone is actually meant for, calling and texting. I’m on it a hell of a lot so having a case that actually charges the phone as well means I get double the life span and I’m not constantly worried about the battery or having to put it into ‘Low Power Mode’. Life. Saved. 
Moving onto the ‘Stocking Fillers’. These are the little, inexpensive yet practical gifts that our stockings are filled with on Christmas morning. As you can see by the picture above, my mum knows I’m a bit of a beauty product addict. But what’s one to do when they run a blog, want to look good and has a slight obsession with all things Lush and Face Masks. 
Starting with the non beauty product… Look at those Emoji Car Air Fresheners. These are just the coolest things ever. This is by far my favourite emoji and the one I use the most. She just looks like such a diva! I cannot wait to get these in my car. 
I then got my favourite Lush Products. I got ‘The Comforter’ Bath bomb and then one of their new Bubble Bars. Lush has been a favourite of mine for years now and I always get so excited when I can smell them in my stocking at Christmas. Very much looking forward to taking a bath with these. 
I then actually asked for this Lush Lip Scrub. I had seen +Estée Lalonde use lip scrubs for a while and thought they’re such a good idea. My mum got me the popcorn flavoured one to try out. The good thing about a lip scrub is that it’s basically sugar. So once you’re done scrubbing, you can actually eat the scrub… although that might be pretty gross if there is dead skin that you have scrubbed off. 
Mum also topped me up with my favourite, Benefit Porefessional. Created as a primer, used as a pore cover-up and something to get ride of any shine. I’ll be very sad if they ever discontinue this product, my morning routine just wouldn’t be the same. 
And last but not least, the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks. In my opinion, the best tissue mask on the market, great value and leaves your face feeling incredible. The pomegranate scent is to die for and it really does feel like a bomb of moisture has just gone off on your face. A must have. 
So there you have it, a few highlights from what I got given for Christmas. I have been very lucky this year and I’m so sad it’s over. 
| Harrison | 

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