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For 2 reasons, it’s so exciting for me to sit here and write this post.  
Reason 1: Because this is the very first time a brand has approached me to work with them. 
Reason 2: Because I have fallen in love with a new brand.  
When Lomerre Cosmetics approached me to work with them, I was slightly sceptical as It was my very first time working with a brand and equally it was a brand I had never tried before. However, after a testing it out and researching the brand, I can tell you I am so happy to be working with them. 
Lomerre Cosmetics are a Natural, Handmade cosmetic brand that are completely cruelty free, meaning they test none of their products on animals. They are a truly eco friendly, natural, organic cosmetic creator with a sustainable and toxic free philosophy. We all love to look and feel good but It shouldn’t be at the expense of animals or our environment and that is something Lomerre are making a conscious effort to work towards. 
I absolutely love that this brand is so natural with their ingredients and their method of creation. Someone like myself who has really sensitive skin can really appreciate a brand like this. There have been many occasions before where I have tried a new brand and my skin has just reacted in a really bad way. I love that I can quite freely use any of their products and know that It’s going to feel great on my skin. 
We all know that I’m a bit of a whore when It comes to lip balms. I have talked about them endlessly on here before. I have a lip balm in every single one of my bags, In all the rooms in my house, In my office at work, in my car… And just about everywhere that you can imagine. Well can you imagine my excitement when I figured Lomerre did lip balms? That went straight in my basket!! 
This is definitely one of my favourite products from the brand. Coconut is such a sweet, natural scent so having that on your lips can only be a good thing, right? 
Now when this says moisturising lip balm, it really means it. It packs a punch in the moisture department! 
If you’re going to try any product from the range or just want to dip your toe in the ‘Lomerre-shaped’ water, try this! 
Recently I have been really getting into my face scrubs. With the winter kicking in and really messing up my skin, I’ve been needing something that is going to sort me out in the best way. I solved that issue on my face, but then I thought to myself “Why am I not sorting out the rest of me?“. Then along came Lomerre with this Nourishing Body Scrub and I was all over it. A really fresh smelling body scrub that leaves you feeling like a new person! 
I mean let’s just appreciate the packaging on everything in this range. Amazing right? 
Guys and girls, you really need to try this out. It’s all well and good me sitting here telling you about it, but you need to see it to believe it. 
So to help you get your hands on this fantastic brand, I have got a little early Christmas treat for you all… A DISCOUNT CODE!!!
CLICK HERE to take you to their website, fill up your basket with whatever takes your fancy, enter in “SALE15” at the check out and you’ll receive 15% off your entire basket! 
There you have my Christmas present to you! See, I’m just a gift that keeps giving! 
GO GO GO, it’s an amazing brand with amazing products and you’re missing out if you don’t try it!
| Harrison | 

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