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This isn’t something that can strictly just be done over Christmas, but equally it’s something I love to do over Christmas. A Winter Walk. 
I feel like you’re either a country person or a city person. I’m definitely country. 
I will forever love to wrap up warm, put on my boots and go walking for miles in the countryside. I’m so luck to live in such an amazing place where the countryside is literally on my door step. 
Recently my Dad and I went for a walk out in the New Forest to a place called Mill Lawn. A place in which we would visit near enough every weekend as children and play around for hours in the stream. Making damns, going swimming, catching fish and playing games. Summer weekends we filled with utter joy at this place. 
Come the winter and it’s a very different kettle of fish. There is a blanket of fog that caresses the forest floor, the stream is bitterly cold with limited life and the leaves have completely dropped from all the trees. There is something mysterious about the forest in Winter. 
If ever I’m feeling stressed, over worked or just generally down in life, I will pop on boots and come out to the forest. The stillness of it all is so calming. The fact that I get so signal means I am forced to hide away from social media and my phone. Nobody can contact me and for those few hours, I am stuck in conversation with whoever I am with (usually my Dad). It’s a real grounding experience. 
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