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I have this amazing talent where I can make it look like I actually know what I’m doing. 
Over Blogmas I have done a couple of Gift Guides, showing you ideas of what to buy your friends and family for The Big Day! Well now I’m going to slightly contradict all of that. 
Why give gifts? 
What I mean by that, is each year I find it harder and harder to think of ideas for what presents to buy your loved ones. So why buy them a gift? 
Why don’t you do something? What my best friend and I have decided to do this year, instead of buying each other gifts, we’re going to do something instead. Like a day trip or a long weekend. Something that we both will enjoy, something that we can actually experience and enjoy together. Rather than just buy a gift that we’re unsure if the other person is going to like. 
I’m actually off skiing in the new year with family (help me) and I’ve not done it for a few years. So for mine and my best friends present, we have decided to combine practise, with gifts. In Bournemouth we have a artificial ski slope, we we decided to go there for the afternoon to practise skiing. What we then did was book ourselves to go to an indoor ski slope in Hemel Hempstead. OMG IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. 
Be prepared, something like this MAKES YOU HURT. The day after, my entire body was aching and I could barely move! But so worth it and such a good gift idea. Memories have been created which will last forever. 
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