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A lot of people as my why I love Christmas so much. I’m an adult, yet act like a child when it comes to Christmas. 
Well, It’s always been my favourite time of the year. Everyone seems to be in a good mood, everyone is enjoying themselves. Moving into my older years with work life etc, everyone tends to wind down at Christmas and everything just seems a little more relaxed. We all start to have Christmas parties and everyone spends ages planning for that. There are Christmas light switch-on’s around town and just the air seems different. 
Yes, Christmas shopping can be stressful but also I find it quite and accomplishment. There is something quite satisfying with thinking of what gifts to buy people, writing a list, hitting the shops, wrapping them up and then actually seeing your friends and families enjoy the gifts you’ve got them.
Not only do I love Christmas for all the material reasons of presents and that everything looks nice. But also for the sentimental reasons. Family. 
I don’t get to spend an awful lot of time with all of my family members. I don’t have an awfully big family, but a lot of us work full time, some of them live far away… We all have busy lives. 
So I feel Christmas is a really good excuse to get everyone together in the same house, we leave our phones well alone and actually enjoy each others company. Although we should wait for Christmas to spend time together, I think the fact that we do wait so long, makes it even more special. 
Christmas is just a great time of the year and something I will forever enjoy! 
Incase you’re wondering why there is a picture of three guys here. That’s me and my two brothers. The picture links with the whole ‘family‘ piece. 
Just to give you some random facts about us. I’m one of three, I’m the middle child (Yes, middle child syndrome exists), I’m the only dark haired one (possibly the milk mans child) (Jokes) and I’m the biggest diva. But we all get on really well, we have a group WhatsApp chat of us three that I created for Christmas present ideas but it’s turned out to be a forum for us to just take the piss out of each other… Oh families ey! 
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