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Yesterday you would have seen me talk through my favourite Christmas movies. Well today I’m going to talk through my favourite Christmas songs. I actually think I prefer Christmas songs to Christmas films. 
Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You
Obviously, an absolute cracker and probably one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. Good old Mariah. This song gets me every single time. My inner diva comes out, the finger shake is in full force and I feel like Mariah. Dancing around the house to this is the best feeling there is. It’s such a good song, It really is timeless and I bet Mariah is laughing all the way to the bank with this one. 
Definitely my fave!
Band Aid 20 – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

A very close 2nd on the list. Band Aid. This song is so heartwarming and the lyrics are so deep. For a Christmas song it’s actually quite depressing, but the meaning of the song is good. Now, we all know they have done about 20 versions of this bloody song, but my favourite by far is the 2004 version with Dido and Sugababes. At the time of this being released, this was my jam. I had the Dido album, I had seen sugbabaes live, they were my babes. This was an amazing time for music and that’s why I am still in love with this song. Takes me right back to my childhood. 
Wham – Last Christmas 
My reason for loving this song (a side from it being a great one) is the fact that it was the very first Christmas song I memorised all the words to. I was so proud of myself when I absolutely nailed it for the first time and ever since then, I nail it every single time. 
One of the many classic Christmas songs and again, probably one of the most popular. This has been blaring in my car for a few weeks now! 
Shaken Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone 
This one is probably the most ‘feel good’ out of all of them. All you want to do when listening to this is sway along, smile on your face, singing as loud as you can. A really good Christmas song, that actually I think is a little underestimated. 
Good old Shakey! 
Ooo we’re into the last week of Blogmas. That means it’s Christmas soon!! I’m getting pretty excited, if not a little panicky that I’m a little unorganised! 
It’ll be fine… I hope.
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