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What’s better than putting the fire on, laying on the sofa, eating junk food and watching a good old Christmas movie? Ya feel me? 
Well, let me tell you about my faves, starting with:
The Grinch: 
Who can believe this came out in 2000? That’s 16 years ago! WHAT? To this day, It’s hands down, the best Christmas film out there. Anything Dr Seuss is amazing, but this just tops them all off. It’s slightly weird and for that I love it. 
A great story line, great graphics and great acting. A proper Christmas classic. 
Polar Express:
How can anyone ever get bored of this film? Another classic over the Christmas period. I was actually really late to the whole Polar Express hype. I didn’t watch it for ages until one day it was on TV and I became absolutely hooked! 
A real feel good film for the Christmas period.  
Home Alone: 
Aww Home Alone. I remember being younger and watching this and thinking about how I would pimp out my house if anyone ever tried to break in. Whoever thought of this film is an absolute genius. A film I will never stop loving and a film I always watch over Christmas. 
Side note: Who also loves Ritchie Rich? A-mazing! 
The Holiday:

Finally, the holiday. Again, such a good storyline and a great feel good film. I was obsessed with this when it came out, but now I feel like it’s over played at Christmas which makes me like it a little less. However, It’ll always be a classic and will always remain one of my faves. 
I definitely feel like it’s time for some new Christmas films to hit the market. I’d love a Christmas comedy starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Basically a Christmas ‘Bridesmaids’. 
So there you have just a couple of films that I love at Christmas. 
What are you favourites? Let me know. 
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