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For some reason, I definitely think Christmas cards are a thing of the past. These days, more and more people seem to be sending less and less cards each year. And really, I think it’s quite a sad thing. 
Not going to lie, I love a good Christmas card. Both giving them and receiving them. I love the whole process of sitting down, writing a list of who you’re going to send a card to and then personalising your message to your loved ones. 
This year, I went a little crazy on the cards. I seem to have raided the entire card aisle of Tesco. So let’s get started. 

First of all I picked up these cute little cards for everyone at work. Working in an office environment, you often find yourself with a list as long as your arm, of people who you need to write a card to. In that situation, It’s best to by one of the multi packs of cards that you can pick up for quite a reasonable price. 
This pack is actually a Charity pack, which means the proceeds of the cards go to charity. Such a good idea. This pack cost me about £2 for a pack of 20 cards. All different designs and really great to send to everyone at work. 
Now for friends and close family, I decided to go a little fancy on the cards this year. What I do for Christmas day is write everyone a card and put a scratch card in it. This then acts as their place mat at the dinner table and is a little fun before tucking into the Christmas dinner. 
Again, from Tesco I picked up these gorgeous 3D Christmas cards. This pack is this amazing Christmas tree made out of 3D snowflakes. Such a classy, effortless yet so amazing idea. I absolutely love this and would be so happy to receive a card like this. 
This last pack, again from the fancy range of cards is this really sweet Christmas tree. Again, 3D and again amazing, this Christmas tree is actually made out of a single string of tinsel with balls and a ribbon attached. Such a good idea. 
These fancy cards work so well because of the crisp and clean background they’re on. As soon as I saw them, I knew this was something that would be right up my street and completely fell in love. 
Beware, the fancy packs of cards at £4 for 6 cards. Not a complete bargain, but the cards are well worth it. 
In my opinion, Christmas cards are something that should very much stay! 
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