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Here I am again, hitting you with yet another gift guide. Trust me, It’s been so hard to buy gifts this year. Usually I’m all over it, but this year has been a struggle. 
So hopefully I can help you come up with some ideas for what to get your loved ones this year. For today’s post I thought I would put together a little ‘practical gift guide’. Sometimes all people want is some practical gifts that they know they will get the use of. 
Side note: These aren’t the most instgrammable gifts ever. 

So first on the list of practical things is something I have recently obtained myself. A National Trust membership. This type of thing is both a practical and imaginative present. For those people who love the countryside, love the outdoors and love to go for walks on the weekends, this type of present is perfect. 
For an Annual Membership, you’re looking at £31 for someone under 25. That’s a real bargain and a great present. 
This type of gift is going to allow your friends or family to get out and explore some new places in the new year. I’m so glad I got my membership. 
Now this is a slightly odd gift idea, but again it’s a practical one. For those shoe lovers out there, it’s so important to keep them protected. Especially in the crappy weather we get here in the UK. 
This Crep Protector is a great one to keep their trainers looking fresh this winter. It’s a real hardwearing protector for all shoe types and materials. 
I picked this up from Schuh but you can get it in all shoe shops around the country and also in some outdoor stores. This bottle cost me £10. So not cheap for a protector spray but it does the job. 

And finally, another odd one. For those lovers of walking, sometimes all they need is a little more comfort in their wellies. Well why not hit them with these bad boys. Some insoles of their boots. 
We all know wellies aren’t the most comfortable footwear choice, yet they’re an essential when it comes to navigating the New Forest at this time of the year. 
Add some comfort to those wintery walks with a little cushions of joy. (I bet nobody else can make insoles sound as good) 
You can pick these up from Cotswolds Outdoor Store for around £11. Again, perfect for someone who is into walking. 
So there you have it, a little practical, very unglamorous gift guide for this Christmas. 
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