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Well hello again… We’re onto 13 blog posts and I’ve not failed yet! *Pats self on back*
So for today’s post, I thought I would keep is casual and just show you my trees. Yes, thats plural. I have a few. My parents are divorced so I have a tree at my mums house and then 2 trees at my dads house. Yep, I take Christmas very seriously. 
Both of these trees are the ones at my dads house. So for tree number 1, we have this little red number up the top there. This is more of a traditional tree with the gold and red decorations with tinsel running throughout the whole tree. Gotta keep them traditions. 

Then for tree number 2, we have this slightly bigger number. A more contemporary tree with the white and silver decorations. This is by far my favourite of the two. I love anything quite modern and clean looking so this tree is ticking all them boxes. 
Putting up the tree, as you know is my favourite thing to do. Blast a bit of Mariah and Wham and you’re good to go. As I sit and write this post, It is officially 2 weeks today until the big day!! 
(and i’m so under prepared) *panics* 
| Harrison | 

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