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Okay, so not the most Christmassy post ever, but I guess you could by it as a Christmas gift? But for today’s post, I thought I would kick the week off with a product review. 
Now, all over the blogosphere, I have been hearing all about this Origins GinZing peel-off mask. I had heard very mixed reviews about it so I thought the best thing to do was to try it out for myself. Usually when I do a review, I just type away and end up blabbing. But for today’s post, I thought I would try something a little different by listing the pro’s and con’s and then rounding it all up. So here goes… 

~ The Packaging. As always with Origins products, the packaging is flawless. It’s so simple, clean and easy on the eye. The boots near me has recently just got a new Origins counter and it’s literally ‘Goals’. 
~ IT’S COPPER. When you put the product on your face, it’s actually copper. I literally looked like a Christmas decoration. 
~ The Feeling. So it’s not the most ‘wow’ mask in the world for how it leaves your skin feeling after, but it definitely is an improvement. It for sure left my skin with a nice, smooth feeling. 
~ The Peel Factor. I’m a bit cautious when It comes to peel masks as they never actually peel very well. This one, for the majority of it, it did peel really well. Most of it came off in one go with the odd few bits left after. 
~ Value For Money. This cost me £25 and there is no way in a million years it’s worth it. It doesn’t have enough of the ‘wow’ factor to warrant spending that amount of money on a product. 
~ Zingy. Now I know it says GinZing so I definitely expected a ‘Zing’, however as soon as the product got anywhere near my eyes, they were literally streaming. Not ideal when trying to apply a face mask. 
~ Amount Of Product. I found that you had to actually use a lot of the product to cover your entire face. I don’t think this tube would last very long. 
~ Cleansing. After using the product I felt that I then had to cleanse my face to get rid of any excess. Surely the point of a face mask is to cleanse your skin. You shouldn’t need to cleanse, after a cleanse?
Overall I would definitely say this is a good product and one that I will enjoy using now that I’ve got it but it’s definitely something I wouldn’t buy again. It’s the type of thing you would appreciate as a present as you haven’t spend your own money on it, but I could probably think of better things to spend £25 on. For some people, a product like this could really work, for me, I found it quite bland. Not enough ‘wow’ factor for me. 
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