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I truly think part of the excitement of Christmas is getting all the decorations up, getting the tree up and absolutely going to town on decorating it. As far as I can remember, I have always gotten so excited when it’s time to get the tree down from the loft and start putting it all together. That feeling will stay with me forever. 
Growing up, sometimes the magic of Christmas can get lost amongst everyday life. Working, socialising and just general day to day life, it can get in the way and Christmas becomes a little less special. 
This year I am lucky enough to have the week of Christmas off work which means I have time to fully get in the Christmas spirit, finish off my Christmas shopping and begin to feel like a kid again. 

When It comes to decorating our tree, we have a slight mix of decorations. It’s all very uniform with a gold, champagne and silver theme throughout. All of our decorations are very new, with a very clean look to them. However, as you can see from the first picture, there are a few oldies in there too. 
We have decorations on our tree which are older than me. A few of them a family heirlooms and others are just ones that have been with us for years. That’s something I love about the decorations. I love to mix the old with the new and have a few ornaments which actually mean something. It definitely just ties together that whole ‘family’ spirit of Christmas. 
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