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Christmas parties. Sometimes they can be the bane of everyone’s lives, sometimes they can be a right laugh. This year, mine was definitely a right laugh. 
This year, we had our Christmas party at a hotel in Bournemouth called The Cumberland. I was lucky enough to get a room in the hotel for that night, meaning I could go there early and get ready.
Walking into my room, I was pretty shocked. It was smaller than my office! But hey, compact be good! 
I took my laptop, wrote up a few blog posts and began getting ready. 

My outfit was very black and white and ALL from ASOS. The shirt was from a brand called Noose &  Monkey which is available on the ASOS website. They’re such a cool and edgy brand doing quite simple coloured shirts, with quite crazy patterns. I thought this black and white cross shirt was perfect for the outfit I had chosen. 
Needless to say, the Sunday after my party, I was feeling very worse for wear… but definitely glad I went. 
Bit of a random post for today, but hey, It’s Christmas!! 
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