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Apologies up front that the pictures are blurred out, I have private stuff on here!
But with that in mind, today I am going to talk you through 2 ways that I get through the Christmas period and actually manage to keep my sanity! 
Planning or Christmas is never an easy task, but it’s definitely one that needs to be done. Don’t you just hate those people who are like “Oh no, I just go with the flow”. NO, YOU NEED A LIST! 
Tip #1

The most obvious tip, make a bloody list! Not just for yourself, but for other people. My Christmas list does end up being quite extensive. I’m 100% in love with the features that Apple have to offer in regards to their notes and calendars etc. I create a Christmas List note on my iPhone which then gets transferred to my iPad and Macbook, so wherever I am, I know I’ve constantly got that list. 
Create your list for your family and friends in the middle of November, end of December. That way, you can pick up hints of what they want, add it to your list and that way, you know exactly what you’re going to get everyone.
There is nothing worse than just walking aimlessly around the shops. 
Tip #2:

Now I use my iCal for absolutely everything. If I didn’t have this, I would never get anything done. But this year, It’s the first year I’ve really used it heavily for Christmas. And let me tell you, I do not regret it. 
This year I have been an absolute fan of planning my shopping trips. Get them scheduled into your diary, make sure that you know exactly where you’re going, bring your list along with you and you’re good to go. I have the mentality that once it’s gone into my diary, I cannot come out. 
I know it seems a little over the top to plan this much, but having a full time job, seeing your friends etc and then running a blog, life is pretty busy for me… I need planning! 
I hope this helps in some way, I know it helps me! 
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