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Something I very much love to hate over the Christmas period is Christmas shopping. You really have to be in the mood, have a list, hit the shops early and hit the shops early. You really can’t do Christmas shopping by halves. 
So to make things a little easier, or just to give you some ideas for your own Christmas Shopping, I have come up with a few Gift Guides for Christmas. To start things off, I’m going to be talking everything smelly. 
I think everyone tends to love something smelly. Whether that be for the house or for themselves, people tend to take quite well to a fragranced gift. 
I feel room diffusers are perfect for those people who love interior, love to take care of their home and love to have it smelling perfect. For those of you who are unsure as to quite what a room diffuser is. Well it’s those stick like things that you stick in a fragranced liquid and they make the room smell nice. 
Probably not the most professional of descriptions, but it does the job. My dad is absolutely obsessed with these and I know for sure he will love this type of gift. 
This particular diffuser is from John Lewis and retails at £19. A great price considering this will last for around 8-10 months! 

This gift is of the more expensive side of life. But you really cannot go wrong with perfume or aftershave. Every man and woman loves to smell good… and if they don’t, they can’t be my friend! 
I think perfume is both a very personal gift, but also a very flattering gift. Taking the time to go out and identify what fragrance you think your loved one would like and explaining to them why. Either that or just get them to tell you what they like. 
In this very professionally wrapped present (not by me) is Gucci Bamboo. A relatively new scent from Gucci and one that actually smells expensive. Perfect for your mum, sister, girlfriend or just a friend who loves Gucci perfumes. 
This is definitely not cheap, for the medium size bottle like this one, it retails at £50! So make sure the person you’re buying for is going to like it. 

And finally, candles. Candles are always slightly hit or miss for me. Personally I’m not a big fan, but I know so many people are, including my family and some of my friends. If I was to get gifted a candle or even just buy one for myself, then it would definitely be a Yankee Candle. 
Yankee Candle have recently opened a new store in a shopping centre near me called West Quay. 
Knowing my Mum is completely obsessed with Yankee Candles, I took myself right to that store and got sniffing. 
Beware: Candle shops give headaches!
Some of those candles in that shop actually smelt like something had gone off! 
After a good 20 minutes of sniffing around different candles, I finally walked away with this Festive Cocktail of a candle. 
Again, a price tag not for the faint hearted: £21! Yes, £21 for a bloody candle that you’re just going to burn!! But hey, just remember, some people like that thing. 
I hope that has slightly helped or has at least given you some inspiration to get out there and start your own Christmas shopping because let me tell you, it’ll be here before you know it. 
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