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Now, I absolutely love my iPhone. I used to be whole heartedly a Blackberry lover, but I have since turned to the dark side and have been an iPhone whore for the past 4 years. And over those 4 years, I have grown to love several apps. 
So for today’s post, I will be talking you through a few of my favourite apps… Starting with the photography ones. 
Without fail, every single one of my pictures are edited with both VSCO and Snapseed. I use Snapseed first to adjust the sharpness and structure and then play around with the brightness, contrast, saturation etc… It’s the more detailed editing app. I then move the picture over to VSCO where I play around with the different filters etc. VSCO is by far, my favourite. For any of those VSCO lovers, I pretty much always use the HB2 filter. 
I also occasionally use the Facetune app. I don’t actually use this app to photoshop my own face, I mainly use it for the whitening tool. If ever I have a picture that has a lot of white in the shot, I use this app to brighten it up and make it look even crisper. This is the only app I’ve actually paid for and trust me, it’s well worth the £2.99. 

For my favourite app of all time, Instagram! I have been a lover of Instagram for years now and I actually think it was Instagram that made me get an iPhone. I absolutely love that there is a platform, solely dedicated to sharing pictures. It’s great for those who just love to share a bit of their life, keep people updated or for those professionals/ semi-professionals who want to showcase their work. This is a great way to get your name out there. 
I am so obsessed with Instagram and love to engage with people and get feedback on my work. I’ve taken to uploading daily pictures which so far, I’m loving! 
An all round wonderful app. 
Oh Twitter, we seem to have a love/hate relationship. I used to be one of those people who put my entire life onto Twitter. The good, the bad and the ugly. It all went on there. As I’ve grown up and matured slightly, I have managed to streamline my Twitter feed and only tend to post once or twice a week. 
I love Twitter for being able to find out all the gossip, the celebrity goings on and just keep up to date with a few old friends lives. Whenever I tweet, I like to keep them light hearted and funny. I definitely don’t take myself too seriously on Twitter, but I do love to have a Twitter stalk every so often. 
And last but by no means least, Snapchat. Snapchat is one of those apps I have grown to love. At the start, I kind of downloaded it just to follow the crowds. I didn’t really use it much nor did I get the hype. Now though, I think I upload a story daily! The fact that the pictures disappear after however long makes the app so unique. And the filters, OMG the filters! I’ve been known to have hours of fun messing around with the filters, especially the voice changing ones and having sing-a-longs in some high pitched squeaky voice! 
Definitely the most entertaining app!
So there you have it, a little look into my phone and what I get up to on it! Follow me on all of these platforms and I’ll be sure to follow back! 
See you Friday! 
| Harrison | 

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