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So for today’s blog post, I thought I’d do something I haven’t done in a while. A favourites. 
I thought I would do something slightly different this time though. Instead of just a monthly favourites, I thought I’d do just an all time favourites. 
These are the five products I just always go back to. I’ve used them all for years and feel I’ve got such a good combination going. Some of these, you would’ve seen feature on the blog many times before. 
So without further-a-do, let’s get straight into the hairspray!
I use this hairspray at last 360 out of 365 days of the year. Day in day out, this is probably in my hair. I’ve always been a massive lover of hairspray anyway, but this Shockwaves one is the bomb!! 
It’s the only one that gives enough hold for my annoyingly thick hair, that seems to last forever and doesn’t smell gross! 
Another hair product. This L’oreal Studio Line paste, again is something I always go back to. Whenever I style my hair, I never want it to look like it’s greasy. I love that matte look. With this product, I can achieve that so well. 
Again, It also smells amazing! 
I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with moisturisers. If I don’t moisturise, my face feels like I’ve had a million injections of botox… Basically it’s dry as f**k. But If I put too much moisturiser on, It’s like the shiny show! There’s never an in-between. Well, with this Real Shaving Company moisturiser, I can pile it on and it just soaks right in. I couldn’t start my day properly without putting this on.
I truly believe every man and women should wear a moisturiser. Putting this on every day just wakes me right up and makes me actually feel alive!
Linking nicely in with the moisturiser. This Benefit Porefessional. No matter what moisturiser you use, there will always be days where you just look a little ‘glossy’. This product is literally made for them days. Wack this on those slightly shiny areas and you’re good to go. This takes away shine in seconds. 
And last but by no means least, my trusty lip balm. I have been a fan of Carmex for years and have always used their products. But this lip balm, for me is the creme de le creme. The king of all lip balms. The Ferrari of the lip balm world. It’s just THE best. 
I apply this multiple times a day, yet this tiny tube lasts me months! A heck of a purchase! 
What are your favourite beauty products? 
Let me know!
| Harrison | 

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