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A couple of upfront apologies: Sorry for anyone not living in Bournemouth, this restaurant is only here. And sorry for the quality of pictures, it was REALLY dark in the restaurant! 
But let’s get started shall we. This week, Kate and I went to a restaurant in Bournemouth called Monty’s Lounge. They have recently opened a new restaurant in the town centre so we decided to give it a go. 
Monty’s Lounge is a burger restaurant, selling a huge range of AMAZING burgers from red meat, to chicken and even vegetarian! 
The atmosphere in the place is so cool, chilled and laid back. It’s got a really good vibe and such a nice setting. I did feel sorry for the waitress though, she was the only one on staff that evening. 

They even serve the drinks in a jar!!! 

Kate and I both decided to get one of their ‘pulled’ burgers. Kate got pulled ham, which let me tell you, that burger was carrying some weight! I decided to get their pulled chicken. In the burgers they have their home made coleslaw and salad which is just so creamy and amazing! (Do I have any other describing words other than amazing?) 
Hands down, without fail, the best burger I have EVER eaten!! 
Oh and side note: their chips have ‘rosemary salt’ on them. Never had that before. Surprisingly nice. If not a little reminiscent of a roast dinner. 
They even do those ‘freak shakes’, the ones with all the cream, brownies and god knows what else stuck to the side of the cup! We didn’t have one though as we had already eaten too much! 
I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in and around the Bournemouth area. Check it out. It’s pretty good. 
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