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Oh the joys, It’s Monday again… 
Today I thought I’d talk you through something that I am SO surprised I haven’t mentioned before… my rings. Something I’m so obsessed with, I have no idea why I haven’t written about them before. 
Firstly a bit of a back story. I’ve always loved a good accessory. Necklaces I just feel extenuate my double chins, bracelets I find uncomfortable so that only leaves rings. Now, rings on chubby fingers can be risky, so I spend ages picking the perfect one! I now wear 4 of the buggers…  So just call me the Lord Of The Rings! 
Let’s break it down… 
My very favourite ring, the ring that never leaves my finger and the ring that cost me an absolute arm and a leg. This ring is from Tiffany and I bought this while I was over in America last year. It was around the time I got a promotion at work so I decided that I would treat myself. 
I spent hours trawling the internet and mooching in the shops & malls until it was actually my Dad that said “Why don’t you try in there?” and pointed into the Tiffany store. I reluctantly went in and half an hour later I leave the store with an empty pocket and an amazing new piece of jewellery. 
This is the most expensive piece of jewellery I have ever bought and have never looked back!
So these rings (look closely, there’s actually two) are again, rings that never leave my finger. The plain band on the bottom is one I have had for years. I wanted something very plain to pair with a more detailed ring. For years I paired it with a ring my best friend, Kate bought me, but have very recently changed it over to this one. 
I again trawled the internet and came across this perfect ring. It’s actually a women’s ring from ASOS but once it’s on my (not so) manly hands, you’ll never know. 
I was actually inspired to buy this ring because of Estee Lalonde. She has a lover of rings as well and has one very similar, but in gold. I’m such a fan girl!! 
Last and kind of least, this plain chunky band. 
The reason I say this is my least favourite, is because it’s probably the most boring one. I’ve wanted a ring to wear on my index finger for a while now, but having chubby fingers, It’s hard to find one that doesn’t look like it’s cutting off the circulation to my finger. 
This one I got on ASOS (yes, it’s a man’s ring) at the same time as the ring above. I wear these two on the same hand and feel they match each other perfectly. 
Having the juxtaposition of quite detailed and unusual rings, paired with something quite plain and clean is a look that I am loving. 
I’m one of those annoying people who ‘talks with their hands’, so I do get quite a few people mentioning my rings. They’re like my identity! 
So there you have it, a look into my bling’d up hands! 
Now it’s time to crack on with the week, grab Monday by the horns and try and procrastinate as little as possible. 
I will see you back here, at the same time on Wednesday! 
| Harrison | 

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