Happy Halloween! | By Harrison

Happy Halloween! 
It’s time to get those costumes on, prep those pumpkins and hit the streets for Tick or Treating. What better post than to show you all of an amazing day I had with Emma and Mason, picking their pumpkins. 
In Bournemouth (and probably 100’s of places around the country) we have a lot of P.Y.O’s. In the summer, we go and pick strawberries etc, but in the winter, they grow pumpkins for everyone to pick. Emma and I took to the Sopley PYO and began the hunt for the perfect pumpkins. 
I’m not a massive fan of carving pumpkins, but with Mason only being 4, it’s something he’s beginning to enjoy. So we decided to get pumpkins for Emma to keep and enjoy. She knew from the start she wanted 3 pumpkins of all different sizes. So with that in mind, we got our pumpkin sleigh (yes thats a thing) and off we went. 

As you can see, stopping in between our intense pumpkin picking for a cheeky little photoshoot. I like to think I really worked that hay bale. 
Pumpkin picking is such a different way to celebrate halloween, to get outside and enjoy the last of the summer/heading into autumn. It’s a great day out and fills the kids with endless entertainment. Not only that, it’s bloody cheap!!! We got 4 pumpkins, all different sizes and it cost £4.50 – BARGAIN!
Not only did I take these pictures for the blog, I actually vlogged the whole day. It was the first vlog I did since being back from South Africa! Check it out below and I hope you enjoy! 
So enough of sitting in a reading this post, get out there and enjoy Halloween! 
| Harrison | 

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