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Last week, I posted on Foody Friday this amazing looking pizza. It’s from a lovely new restaurant in Bournemouth called The Stable. Their tagline is Pizza, Pie’s and Cider. Granted,  I’ve never tried their Pie’s or Cider, but believe me, I have tried their pizza. 
So today I thought I’d give you a little review/recommendation of this quality restaurant. 
So to start off, I’ll go with all the positives. First and foremost, their food is just insane. Good quality and good price. You can really tell their food is made from scratch and is well worth the price. 
The service in The Stable is second to none. All the waiters are happy, friendly and always there to help. Especially for people who have never been to the restaurant before, they’re great at giving advice and helping you navigate the menu. 
This amazing Garlic Pizza Bread above was just incredible. When we ordered it, we didn’t expect it to be quite this big. When it arrived, It was still steaming and was dripping in garlic oil! 
Then for the pizza below, you would’ve seen me talking about this is my last Foody Friday! Probably one of my favourite pizzas! 
Now I really only have one negative about the restaurant. It looks half done. 
The actual place itself, the restaurant actually looks like it’s not yet finished. With wooden flooring and walls, it still has that feel of an incomplete construction. 
I have a feeling they’re probably aiming for that ‘rustic’ look. But I just feel it’s a little underdone. 
Overall, a real quality restaurant that is a credit to Bournemouth. If you’re from here or visiting Bournemouth, it is definitely worth a visit!
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