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Good morning people of the internet. It’s Monday I know, the worst day of the week. But to perk you up, I thought I’d bring you a book recommendation from the one and only Estee Lalonde. 
Now, I’ve never really been a big reader, I’m always too busy to sit down and read a book, so whenever I get a book I like, I’m the first to shout about it! 
With Estee Lalonde being on of my favourite Youtubers, when she released Bloom, I was dying to go out and purchase it. Let’s just say I read the whole thing in a week. 
Bloom is so typical Estee, It’s so open, so honest, so raw, yet so funny. The photography in the book is perfect and the design of the whole thing is impeccable. 
Bloom is for sure an ‘easy read’. 
Estee talks a lot about her struggles with childhood, what she went through at school and how she never fit it. She goes into quite some detail about how she felt and how awful the experience was. But still, Estee still goes on to say how she looks back on her childhood with fond memories. She never let the bullying or the fact she was an outcast, bother her. She was stronger than that. 
That’s what I love about the book, Estee is so empowering to both women and men. Reading the book, especially the ‘work’ and ‘fashion’ section just made me want to get up there and then and create content for my own blog. The things she had to say were so positive and motivating. A feel good moment right there. 
What I love about this book is how Estee really doesn’t hold back. She doesn’t fluff anything up or dilute a story to make it sound good for the book. She’s all or nothing. She describes, In detail how she battled with depression and her weight issues growing up. Although I have watched every single one of Estee’s Youtube videos, I feel with this book, I got to know her just a little bit better. 
I think one of the most heart-warming sections of the book is how she talks about Aslan. (her boyfriend) Their love story is one of those from the movies. They met online but didn’t meet in real life for almost a year. (I think) So to make things more personal, they would send postcards to each other every single day. Then when they did finally meet up, their first official date was a road trip across America. Cool, huh?
The page above is by far my favourite picture of Estee. It sums her up perfectly, with great fashion and a cup of tea. She just has a genuine look of happiness to be there. Tea fixes everything. 
Without a doubt, this is my favourite book I have ever read. (That said, there aren’t many) I would highly recommend this book for anyone, of any age, gender or sexuality. 
It really is a book for everyone. 
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