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So, In my last post I started telling you a little bit about my upcoming trip to South Africa, how I plan my trips and a few little tips I have picked up along the way. Today I am going to go into detail about my exact trip, what I plan on doing while I am there and how I came about putting it all together to build the perfect trip. 
So as you can probably tell by the title of this post, I am off to South Africa. I am going there for 2 weeks where I will be flying into Cape Town to being the trip. We spend 5 days in Cape Town where I plan to see as much as I possibly can. Things on the cards so far include, A SHARK DIVE (Whaatt, I know, crazy right?) Table Mountain, Lions Head, Robbin Island, Beaucaap, a vineyard, Betty’s Bay, Boulder Beach and the V&C Docks. This trip is completely about seeing the beauty of South Africa and what the country has to offer. Cape Town has always been at the very top of my bucket list. 
After the 5 days in Cape Town, we hit The Garden Route. A very famous route along the coast of South Africa where we will be driving this for 3 days. Each night, stopping at a different hotel in a different town. Along this route there are many different coves, beaches and reserves that we will be visiting. At the end of the 3 day road trip, we make our way to Port Elizabeth where we will be dropping our hire car off and getting picked up by someone from Kariega Game reserve. They will take us into the game reserve where we will spend the remainder of the trip on Safari. Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited! 
So there you have, in a nutshell, what I will be doing in Cape Town. 
So now for how I came to plan this… 
Well I knew It was Cape Town that I wanted to visit, that was a given. In the past, I have gone on ‘big trips’ to America. When we booked these trips, we used Thomas Cook and specifically a lady called Jess in our local branch. We went and had a meeting with her to explain exactly what it was that we wanted to do, how long we wanted to go for and what our budget was. She put a few things together and gave us some options. The great thing about this was that we were able to taylor the whole trip to our own needs. Move a few things around, pick different things to do and come up with the best price. 
After sitting in there with her for about an hour, we came up with the perfect trip with just a few things to then finalise. 
Once the trip was booked, It was time to do our research. 
A colleague at work handed me a whole bunch of leaflets which came in so handy when researching. She visits South Africa all the time and over the years has accumulated several different leaflets and booklets. 
I also used Google to search the best things to do in South Africa and obviously from my own knowledge I have gathered over the years from just being completely obsessed with the place. 
The great thing about social media and being on Youtube, a lot of the bloggers and vloggers I love are travel bloggers. I looked back through Mr Ben Brown, Fun For Louis and Nicole Eddy’s vlogs to see what places they visited and places they recommended. This came in so handy for being able to get a good idea of what the place is like and if it’s we would like to do. 
This whole experience has been amazing. Planning and putting this trip together has been such a long process, but one I have absolutely loved. As this post goes live, I only have 1 day left in the UK. I am so excited and am so ready for this life changing experience! 
Be warned for the flooding you’re about to receive from South African related posts and videos over the next few weeks! 
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