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As I write this post, I officially have 8 days until I leave for South Africa! Eeek!
So for today’s blog post and to kick start my South African series, I thought I would talk you through how I plan my holidays, this one in particular. Travel is one of my biggest passions, so everything I’m discussing today will all be from experience. 
To get the ball rolling, let’s start from the top: The planning! 
1) HAVE A BUDGET! – And stick to it. It’s so important to stick to the budget you set and work within it. Otherwise you’ll find yourself spending more and more and the holiday will be far to stressful to try and achieve. 
2) RESEARCH! Figure out where you want to go and research it. Figure out what it is you want to do, figure out how long you want to go for and figure if you have enough things to do to cover everyday while you’re there. 
Not only things to do, but location of where to stay, ease of access to main locations and whether you’re going to need a hire car etc. It’s all about the research! 
3) GET HELP! Planning big trips away can be stressful. Managing to fit everything In, get the most value for money and deciding if you’re making the right decision, it can all get too much. So take advantage of any help you can get, i.e Travel Agents. To book my trip to South Africa, we used Thomas Cook and they were absolutely amazing! I really couldn’t fault them at all! 
4) JUST BOOK IT! Don’t spend ages thinking out it, weighing up all you options and seeing what’s around. Once you’ve done your research and figured out where you want to go, just get it booked. Hang around for too long and you’ll never end up going! 
So there you have it, a whistle stop tour as to how I plan my trips. In Wednesday’s post I’ll be talking to you, in detail about my specific trip and what exact sites/blogs and research I did, to get it planned exactly how I did. 
I’ll see you then! 
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