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Music has always been such a huge, consistent part of my life. It’s one of those things I have never lost interest in or that I haven’t loved. From a young age, I was known in my family for the one who loved music. I was constantly going to concerts, spending my pocket money on singles and albums and getting ‘santa’ to bring me albums at Christmas. 
Recently I have been getting back into old music or music that I listened to when I was younger. I created a playlist on my iPod called ‘Throwback’ so I thought I’d go into detail about that on here. 
Probably one of the most prominent bands in my childhood were Destiny’s Child. I always remember when I first saw the video for ‘Survivor’ and thinking how cool and badass they looked. The intro beat to that song, to this day makes me feel badass and brings back all those memories of when I was about 10 years old. Such a timeless band who I will forever love their music, so to kick off the playlist, I bought the #1’s. See, I’ve always been a Beyonce lover. 
Avril Lavigne is one of those artists who are really underrated. It’s not until you type her name into iTunes where you realise how many songs and great ones at that, she’s had. Sk8ter Boy, Complicated, Girlfriend, What The Hell, Smile, Alice, I’m With You. So many greats! 
Avril always reminds me of when I was a little older, more like 13 and going through a Complicated stage (see what I did there). Belting out some of these hits are what got me through the tough times.
Oh god. Girls Aloud. Where do I even start. Sound Of The Underground. Pretty much the coolest song ever. That intro beat again, that music video, them outfits.
When Girls Aloud won Pop Idol and released their first single, I was completely in love. I felt like each of them had such a strong identity and the more I grew up, the more I related to someone different each year. I always remember getting into Youtube from an early age and Girls Aloud had videos of their tour online. I used to just sit, watch Girls Aloud tour’s on Youtube for hours. From start to finish the whole thing was on there. It was such a good time in my life. 
Again, Girls Aloud are one of those bands that you forget how many great hits they had. Even down to their recent releases and their Children In Need song, Beautiful Because You Love Me. 
Now for probably my favourite of this whole post. Gwen Stefani. This album in particular. This is probably the latest of my playlist, when this came out I was probably around 14-15 and didn’t listen to anything but this album for months. Absolutely nailing the lyrics to Sweet Escape was a huge achievement of mine. 
For the time of when this was released, It was such a different sound to anything on the market. It was cool, edgy, fun and different and even the album booklet was super cool. I’ve always loved Gwen Stefani so no one was happier than me when she made a come back recently. Still as cool as ever. 
So there you have an insight into teenage Harrison, all into his pop music and not giving a shit. Such great childhood memories. It’s funny how listening to a song can take you back 10 years. 
If you have any ‘Throwback’ songs that you loved, leave a comment below! 
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