GoPro Hero Session | Photography By Harrison

So I have been umming and ahh-ing about this for ages now and on Monday I took the plunge and purchased the GoPro Hero Session. What a purchase! 
I am off to South Africa in a month where I will be doing a shark dive and also on safari so I wanted to be able to capture the memory and create the best kind of video, so I thought what better camera to get than the GoPro. 
This is the smallest of the GoPro’s, it’s completely waterproof and using the GoPro app you can link the footage to your phone to control the camera that way. I am yet to use it, but believe me, I absolutely cannot wait! 
I have also purchased The Handler which is a floating handle for the GoPro to give you something to hold, for smooth videos and also to keep the camera afloat while in water. This isn’t cheap at all, but definitely an investment and I am so looking forward to creating some great content with it.
I will keep you all updated how I am getting on with the camera! 
| Harrison | 

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