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So today’s blog post comes in partnership with my most recent Youtube video which you can watch here. In this weeks video, I show you all my recent purchases as I have been on a little bit of a shopping spree recently. The video is very short and to the point, so In this blog post, I am going to talk you through each piece individually. 
Note: I didn’t take a photo of the black shirt but it’s from H&M.

This denim shirt I got from H&M was an absolute accident buy. I walked in looking for those little trainer socks when I set eyes on this shirt. It’s the perfect colour denim, it’s slightly structured so looks a little more dressy and a great piece to have in my wardrobe. This shirt was only £24.99, so an absolute bargain for the quality. 
I plan on teaming this with the denim jeans below, a white t-shirt with the shirt unbuttoned and also my Nikes picture above and below.
Jean shopping is the absolute bane of my life. I cannot stand it. I have quite short, stubby legs so getting jeans to fit properly is near enough an impossible task. I have recently worn through my favourite pair of jeans, meaning I had to make that awful trip down to the shops to repurchase. 
I’ve found myself with smart jeans and ripped jeans, but really struggling for an everyday, casual jean. Luckily, I walked into River Island and the first pair I tried on fit perfectly. 
This is the Dylan style jean which retails at £45. A little expensive, but I have also found River Island jeans to last a long time. 
Me being the short-arse I am, I had to buy length 30 and roll them up. But hey, roll ups are all in trend at the moment, right? 
Readers of this blog will have already seen my blog post dedicated to this lovely pair of shoes I have designed. So I’ll link that here for you to check out in more detail. But in short, I have designed this pair of shoes from the NikeID website. An absolute amazing buy, well worth it and I can strongly recommend. It’s not cheap however, this pair cost me £120!
In 1 month I will be making the mammoth journey over to South Africa where I will be exploring, travelling around, doing a 3 day road trip and then on safari. So what better excuse to get myself a new bag. 
When looking for this bag, I knew I needed something that was going to be safe, something I didn’t mind getting a little damaged and something that looked good. I absolutely found that in this ASOS bag. 
A great size, great neutral colour and great price. Only £20! Amazing purchase and a really versatile item. 
So there you have it. I didn’t bother putting an image of socks on the post which featured in the video, I figured you’d all seen socks before. I hope you liked this little twist of linking a video and blog post together and I hope you enjoyed getting a little insight into my wardrobe. 
See you Wednesday! 
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