Taking A Step Back | Reflecting By Harrison

Recently I have been given a bit of advice in which I think is probably the best piece of advice I have ever received. It’s very simple. I’ve heard the saying before. But currently, at the stage of life I am at, it is the best thing for me. 
Take a back step. Don’t look back. Don’t go back. Just take a back seat. Watch things unfold before jumping in and making a decision. You can’t always be the problem solver” 
Right now, In my life this is exactly what I need to do, exactly what I have been doing and exactly what I am going to carry on doing. I have quite a big personality, I am quite a reliable person both in my social and professional life. A lot of people trust me and rely on me to do a lot. Being the strong one isn’t always easy though. Being the one to solve all the problems and try and fix everything sometimes is just too much. 
At this point in my life, I find myself being the busiest I have ever been. I work 9-5 (more like 8-6) every day, I go out near enough every evening and then on weekends I am doing the rounds with seeing family, catching up with friends and then filming Youtube videos and writing blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I have a great life and one that I enjoy. But doing all of that while trying to stay sane is pretty hard and can get really exhausting. 
This piece of advise came off the back of a conversation I was having with a colleague at work. Currently a lot is going on, people leaving, new people starting and a lot of change is due to come. I was going to apply for a new role, right after being promoted to the role I’m doing now. I was unsure whether to apply or not and while speaking to my colleague, that’s when he hit me with this advise and that’s when it hit me. That’s exactly what I need to do. Just take a back seat with things and just let it happen. What will happen, will happen. I need to look after myself and focus on me for a bit and that’s exactly what I encourage anyone reading this to do. Do you. 
Sometimes It’s the most simple of things which have the biggest impact. 
| Harrison | 

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