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Good morning. I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was very lazy, however it was filled with walking around in these bad boys. Let me talk you through just exactly how I came about obtaining these lovely things. 
NikeID is a site, as some of you may know, where you can go and customise your own pair of Nikes. It’s all done through Nike, it’s not some dodgy unknown site, it’s all pretty legit. 
Trust me when I say this, if you’re going to do this, set aside a good few hours to mooch around because it really takes some time to come up with the right design. 
You get to pick what style shoe you’d like. Then you get to go through each individual section, bit by bit, changing the colours, the materials, even the stitching. It really is a work of art. The great thing about this is you can really specify the shoe to your exact needs, have it exactly how you’d like it. 
I’ve loved this style for quite some time now, the Nike Air Max Tavas. However, the standard colours of the shoe are either too bright or too dark and not quite what I was looking for. My general style is very muted. I wear a lot of blacks, whites, greys and khaki so a grey pair would really go with everything In my wardrobe. I nearly added a little colour when I was at the design stage, but at the last minute I changed my mind and switched it all to 50 shades of grey (2 shades of grey really). 
Now for the actual result. I must admit, when designing it online, I had my speculations about what It would turn out like. What the result would be. Would the shoe fit? Would the colours vary? What If I don’t like it? My inner pessimist came out in full force. But upon arrival (Which took 14-17 days btw) I was blown away. The shoe looked exactly like it did online. It fits like a glove and was well worth the time and effort in designing it. I have the perfect, comfortable yet slightly edgy, fashionable shoe. 
One final point to add as I’m here to keep it real and I don’t want to lead any of you into a false sense of security, this s**t ain’t cheap. This shoe, off the shelf in any store would retail at around £90 in the UK. To design this pair and have the custom shoe, it cost me £120. So it really depends on everyones budget, but if you can stretch that far, for a little extra moolahhh, you could get yourself a customer pair of shoes and have a little fun in the design process. Win win (just not for your wallet) 
| Harrison | 

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