A Village Festival | By Harrison

Last week I attended a little village festival in the Corfe Castle, UK. When food and festival are in the same sentence, you can all but guarantee I’ll be there. 
I went with my Dad, Brother and their respective other halves… and me. Yes, I was fifth wheeling, but I’m an amazing third/fifth wheel, even if I do say so myself. 
The festival was hosted by local people, all food and drink were from the locals and it all tasted incredible. The picture directly above shows people sat around watching a demonstration. At this tent, they were filleting fish, butchering a pig, cooking the food etc. It was so interesting to watch someone actually do It all in front of you, teaching everyone how to do it and be so passionate about their work! 
Above you can see a little more unclose, the demonstration on how to butcher a pig. Agreed it’s probably not something you want to look at too closely, but it was really interesting to learn how they do it. 
Side note: The guy doing the demonstration was clearly hungover! 

Then finally for lunch, I think I had the best pizza I have ever eaten. It was a wood fired, homemade right in front of your eyes, perfect pizza by the company, Forno. I went for Mozzarella with the addition of chorizo and OMG, it was amazing. It literally took 2 minutes to cook and came out piping hot. 
If you ever see this company around, the come highly recommended by me! 
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