Man-Scaping | By Harrison

Let’s talk Man-Scaping. 
I feel like men get a lot of stick if they have too many beauty products, if they take too long getting ready of if they enjoy experimenting and trying new grooming products. I feel like for men, it’s not acceptable. 
Let me tell you something. It is. It completely is acceptable and it’s completely normal. 
I absolutely love it. So maybe the amount of stuff I have isn’t so normal, but the fact that I am a man who likes to take care of his appearance, who enjoys a face cleanser, who looks after themselves and makes sure that they look acceptable. The fact I enjoy all of that is perfectly normal and just show’s that I have a little self respect. 
For me to get ready in the morning, It probably takes around an hour. Thats from start to finish, hair wash and everything. My usual routine after brushing teeth is, wash hair, style hair, moisturise, prime (to get rid of shine), conceal and spots, then put on my smellies. 
So what I actually do isn’t that much, I just take my time doing it all as I enjoy that process of getting ready and making myself look good. 
In the same way women get defensive when you tell them they can’t do something, I feel us men should be doing the same. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that what you’re doing isn’t normal or ‘socially acceptable’. Do you. Be you. 
| Harrison | 

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