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For today’s post, I thought I’d talk you through a few favourites. This isn’t a ‘monthly favourites’ post, it’s just covering off a few things in which I have been loving over the past few months. 
The first thing I’m going to go through is my vlogging camera. I thought I’d mention this one first as it’s all I have been going on about recently. A lot has happened this year already, there have been a lot of new things happen and a lot of happy memories created. A few of those memories I have been able to catch on camera. It’s been a really fun and great experience to be vlogging and putting up weekly videos. So that is why I have been loving my camera. 
Up next is an oldy but goldy. Recently I have fallen back in love with my Ray Ban Wayfarers. These were my first ever pair of Ray Ban’s and I used to wear them all the time. Then as time went on and I bought a couple more pairs, these kind of got thrown to the bottle of the pile. Recently however, I have got them back out of their case and have actually been wearing them all the time. I now remember exactly what made me fall in love with them the first time. 
I’ve just realised as I put this post together, none of these ‘favourites’ are actually new things. They’re all things I have had for a while, that I have just fallen back in love with. This Gucci Guilty Made To Measure aftershave I got in Paris last christmas. It is probably one of my favourite scents of all time and I only wear it on special occasions (hence there being a lot left). This for me, is the perfect scent. I have been wearing it a lot more recently and have been loving catching a wiff of myself every so often. 
Last but not least. My Birkenstocks. The summer has kind of hit the UK. We’re getting the odd sunny day here, so for us, that’s well and truly summer. On those summer days however, I have been obsessed with wearing these. They’re a great alternative to a flip flop, they’re so comfortable and go with near enough everything. A great purchase and definitely something I will wear for a long time to come. 
So that’s about it for today folks. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I’ll be seeing you on Wednesday when I’ll be talking all about Man-Scaping.
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