My Safe Haven | Relaxation By Harrison

So with the stresses of every day life and everything that comes with it, I have always found it so important to get away and find your Safe Haven. Having that one place you can go to, that one place you feel completely yourself and can completely switch off from everything. I know what mine is. 
My Safe Haven is by far The Forest. Being at one with nature, going for a long stroll with friends or family and getting completely lost in conversation. Going so deep into the forest you lose phone signal, being completely disconnected from real life and just wind down. 
I find the forest so relaxing and so calming. I think it stems from my childhood as my Dad has always loved being out in the forest. I feel I have taken after him in that sense and I am so grateful for that. 
My suggestion to anyone reading this: find your Safe Haven
| Harrison | 

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