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As you can tell, there is no video this week. Things have been slightly crazy in the life of Harrison so I haven’t had time to film or edit and videos. Don’t worry, have no fear, I am getting myself organised and will be resume normal uploads from next week.
So for today’s blog post, I thought I’d show you my 6 favourite summer outfits. Yes all of these pictures were taken while I was away, but I stand by the fact this isn’t another holiday post. 
I’m not going to talk you through detail by detail of every outfit, but I will just go through all the essentials and why I love them so much.
So for outfit #1. This is very khaki themed and something which I wouldn’t usually wear. I was in H&M and came across these ripped khaki shorts. I couldn’t say no. I love a ripped denim and love a good khaki shade. What’s there not to like. The shirt is from Topman and the shoes are Birkenstock. This outfit is a real comfortable outfit which you can easily wear quite casually or dress up for dinner. 
#2 is probably the most casual I’d go. This outfit is just to easily thrown together, something a bit different with the cut of the t-shirt and edgy with it being black. A really easy and simple outfit, yet on trend and stylish. 
Sometimes it’s nice to just keep things casual. 
#3 is very ‘Saved By The Bell’ inspired. The shirt is vintage and is from Urban Outfitters. As you can see, there is a slight trend of a patterned shirt here. This outfit again, one of my favourites and really easy to throw together. The colour black makes any outfit look that little more edgy, yet the slight hint of colour on the shirt just keeps the outfit alive a bit more. Again, something easily dressed up or down.
#4 posing up a storm. Another one of my casual numbers and again the t-shirt is from Urban Outfitters. I feel with this outfit, It’s completely casual yet the pattern on the t-shirt makes it that little more interesting. 
#5 is probably my favourite of them all. This shirt again is from Urban Outfitters and is completely different to anything I have or have had before. It’s very out of the ordinary for me to wear something with so much colour, but pair it with a complete black background and it really tones it down. This outfit is my go to outfit on any holiday and any summer dinner. All high street stuff, really affordable yet looks amazing. The fit of the shirt is perfect. It grips in all the right places and hangs effortlessly. It’s so important to feel good in what you’re wearing and whenever I put this shirt on, I feel amazing! 
#6. Now let me tell you about this. When I got this shirt, I was so excited. I am obsessed with the print, It’s black and green (my two favourite colours) so what more could I want. The quality of material is second to none and It’s such a cool shirt. But pairing it with the jeans, I was so disappointment. I had to wear jeans this night because of the restaurant we were going to, but I just didn’t feel comfortable. So I’m adding it to my favourites because of how much I love the shirt. I have since worn it with a cropped trouser and It looks so much better. 
So there you have a little look in my current favourite summer wardrobes. Everything mentioned is available from either Topman, River Island, H&M or Urban Outfitters and all shoes are either Havaiana, Birkenstock or Adidas. When I say it’s available, it’s probably not anymore because a lot of this stuff was purchased a while ago… 
But I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and I’ll see you back here, same time on Wednesday. 
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