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A couple of months ago, I discovered the brand The Real Shaving Company. I got there moisturiser and absolutely loved it, it’s been great for my skin and I have purchased 2 or 3 tubes of it since. 
So when my shaving foam ran out, I took the opportunity to try a The Shaving Company’s shave cream. Instead of a shaving foam or gel, it’s a shaving cream
Now, I’m going to say it now, I really wasn’t impressed at all. The instructions were to lather it in your hands and then apply to the face. The cream just didn’t lather at all. It was really difficult to apply, It was sticky and gloopy on the skin, my razor struggled to get through the cream and it was all round just a pain to use. 
I was really disappointed with the product as I had been so pleased with their other products in the past. The texture of the cream was blocking up my razor and it really didn’t feel nice when using it. 
On the plus side, it has a great scent to the product. But apart from that, I really wasn’t impressed at all. A real shame as I’m such a fan of their moisturiser. 
But hey, back to Nivea I go. 
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