The Holiday Photoshoot | Posing By Harrison

As you will know, my best friend and I have just got back from our holidays. So as you may expect, here is another post dedicated to just that. 
In and around our hotel, there were photographers taking peoples pictures for you to be able to buy or for them to just put on display in their store. 
Every time a photographer walker near us, we would either try and walk in another direction or reluctantly let him take one or two images of us… Until this night. 
All we were trying to do was watch the sunset go down before heading to our fancy meal at an Italian restaurant. We were stood on the end of a pier when we saw the two photographers approach. 
As soon as I saw them head towards us, we knew we were in for a looooong photoshoot. 
Honestly we were there for nearly an hour. They were getting us to pose in different ways, position ourselves correctly, asking if we would kiss, we had solo images and images together… honestly it was like a proper photoshoot. 
The guys who were taking the pictures were actually really nice a friendly. They kept thinking we were in a relationship which was funny to explain. They took and interest and one of them was actually quite pleasing on the eye (That always helps)
That night I was wearing a new shirt that I had bought from Topman which I am totally obsessed with. Topman jeans and my Adidas Superstars. 
The restaurant we were going to required men to wear jeans and enclosed shoes. I was less than impressed with the fact I had to wear jeans as it was absolutely boiling. 
But I am very pleased that the photographers ended up taking our photo’s on the night I was wearing this shirt.
My favourite image by far is the very first one. You’ll be able to see it over all my other social media platforms. 
So there you have it, a little insight into my very short lived modelling career. 
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