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Where do I even start… As you may know (as it’s all I’ve been going on about), I have been on holiday. My best friend, Kate and I went on a summer holiday to Turkey. We stayed in the Sensatori Fethiye Resort which was about a 20 minute drive/ 10 minute boat ride, from the centre of Fethiye.
Fethiye is an area of Turkey I have been to before, but this resort is most definitely nothing like I have ever seen before. From the moment we stepped off the coach, we knew we were in heaven. 
We had upgraded our room before we got there to have a swim up pool. This was probably the best decision we have ever made. Having our own terrace and pool to laze around all day, made the holiday that little bit more special. We didn’t have the hassle of packing up our beach bag and hunting for a sun lounger, we had it all right on our door step. 
The resort itself was only built in 2015, so it was so modern and fresh. All the facilities were perfectly kept, the gardens were maintained daily and everywhere you went, it was all so clean and tidy. Everyone working in the resort were all so friendly and helpful, they really couldn’t do enough to help.
Whenever I travel, I always suffer really badly with my ears. I have always had sinus issues and ears happen to fall into that bracket. The flying and the water are not a great combination for someone like myself, however I refuse to let that stop me. However, in doing so, It meant I ended up in hospital on this trip. 
Due to my ears not fully working like they should and not clearing themselves, I ended up with 90% of my hearing disappearing on the 2nd day, due to blocked ears. I went to the onsite doctor who referred me to the hospital for treatment (syringing). The [onsite] doctor booked us a private car, briefed the hospital, there was someone waiting for us upon our arrival who took us straight through, acted as my interpreter, took me through to the doctor, had the procedure and booked a car for our return. It was as simple as that. We were in and out in a matter of 30 minutes. 
From hotel to hospital, we were treated with the up-most respect and kindness.
Back to the beauty of the hotel itself. It is situated right on the beach, right where turtles breed every season. The beach was just incredible. The water was warm, it was so clear and again, everything about it was just so clean. 
Every morning we would take a walk down to the beach after breakfast. Seasides are very dear to my heart anyway. I always find it really relaxing being by the sea and the sea itself just makes me feel so small. The fact that we, humans, are just a drop in the ocean (literally) compared to sea itself. It’s so vast and so powerful, it really brings things into perspective. 
It really is the epitome of relaxing. 
Everywhere and anywhere you go on this resort, It just screams ‘INSTAGRAM’. This place really was the most instagram friendly place ever. From flowers to ice cream and everything in between, you should see the amount of images I have waiting to go up on Instagram.
The whole resort was just so pleasing on the eye, set out perfectly and so greatly unique. I really have never been anywhere like this before. 
(Avoiding any politics here) Turkey really hasn’t had a good name in the past few years, everything that has been thrown around in the media and everything that you see online, Turkey has taken a massive hit. This trip was my 5th time to the country and I can, hand on heart say that every time I have been, I have loved it and have felt completely safe. 
To put any rumour or doubt to rest, I challenge anyone to go to this resort. The people, the place, the atmosphere, everything about Sensatori Fethiye really does give Turkey and the Turkish people the brilliant name they so rightly deserve. 
Let’s talk sunsets. Sunsets for days, people. You know they’re one of my favourite things to photograph. I have spoken out it on the blog before. Well, for any sunset lovers out there, this place just screamed at me. The sun setting on the beach was one of the most grounding feelings ever and watching is set over the horizon like this, really is the happiest I can be. 
Coming on this holiday, it wasn’t just a holiday. It was an experience. A re-grounding. A re-configure. It was a way of me being about to put away social media, stop worrying about work, about deadlines, stop worrying about all the day to day woe’s in life, It was a way for me to be at one with myself and completely centre myself again. 
Day to day life really can take a huge toll on us. As people we actually forget what is important in life and what direction it is that we want to be going on. Having this break and this complete separation from the real world is whole heartedly what I needed and has really given me the opportunity to think about what’s important in my life, what direction it is I want to be going in and what it is that I really want from my life. 
Now what topped it all off was who I was with. What’s more special and more valuable than being able to create and share amazing memories with those you love. I was lucky enough to go on this trip with my best friend, Kate. We have been friends since we were 4 and have grown up together and shared some amazing memories. This trip was just another memory to add to the thousands we already have. 
I will cherish this trip for years to come and it’s something I will never forget. As cliche as it may be, I really did have the time of my life. 
Now for that final bit of shameless promo. You can watch all of the adventures and see this amazing hotel in all of it’s glory over on my Youtube Channel where I vlogged the entire trip! If you’re reading this and watching the video, comment on the video and let me know, I’d love to interact with any of my readers! 
I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! See you at the end of the week for an update on what food I have been loving. 
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