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Here I am with another holiday inspired blog post for you all. As you read this one, I am most liking sat at my swim up bar, or lying on my sun lounger on my terrace in my swim up room… who know’s, but I am most likely getting a great tan and not having a care in the world.
Today’s blog post is all about helping you out to avoid being that person who has to open up their bags at check in and move all their clothes around to get the weight limit down. Don’t be that person. Nobody likes or appreciates that person. Also, it’s very embarrassing being that person. 
So here you have my top tips when packing for your holidays. 
Let’s be honest, you’re going on an all inclusive summer holiday where you will be lying around a pool in your swimming stuff most of the day. How much do you really need to take away? Be realistic while packing. If you don’t think you need something or don’t think you’ll wear it, leave it. Also, is it necessary to take 20 pairs of shoes? Take a couple and be done with it. 
Packing smart is also a big one. To avoid over packing, take a look at your wardrobe, have a think with how many things you can match up with each other and take them. Instead of taking the entire wardrobe, take a couple of outfits that you can mix and match. That way you’re getting several outfits out of only a couple items of clothing. 
It’s very much all in the folding I think. Be smart with how your storing and folding stuff in your suitcase. For example, underwear can just be rolled up and stuffed into your shoes. Utilise all the space you have, fold neatly and you’ll find yourself being able to fit a lot more in.
This is something I do every single time without fail. If you’re worried about the weight of your bag, put it on your own weighing scales. There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport with no idea how much your bag weighs and then having to empty it out in front of everyone. It’s only a very simple trick, but trust me, it’ll pay off. 
There we have it. Only a short few points on my tips for packing. 
I hope this again has come in handy.
Well, I’m off to take another sip of my pina colada (Probably diet coke, not a big drinker).
My holiday blog posts and vlogs are on their way. 
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